About Us

A brand specializing in apparel that isn't afraid of being different, a brand that challenges the masses and standing by our original dreams and goals. 

A.D. is a community-driven production that supports art and artists from around the world. Our mission is to build a community without borders, representing a love for art and passion for freedom of expression.  Dan collaborates with artists who help him bring his visions to life, which are then printed on the highest quality and softest shirts known to humans.

How Alternate Decision was born

I was in the middle of my 4-year contract with the United States Army during OIF III, when I realized that I needed to channel my energy into a hobby that would help tune out the constant noise of Apache helicopters and static radio reports. I started designing t-shirts instead of taking prescribed anti-depressants and sleeping pills, which seemed to be the only other option. Alternate Decision represents my hope for a successful and positive life after combat and sparks the conversation about how we can support our troops before, during and after their contracts.

Dan Conerd, Owner